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Got a little deep…

I remember when I was a teenager I thought that love and relationship between a boy and a girl is all about romance, spice, and drama. I naively think that relationships are sustained only through constant romantic feelings and surprises and exciting adventures. I often wondered how long the romance can last. A lot of people, including my teenage self, searched and hoped for the “love” we saw in movies. Perhaps some of them were real and solid, but a lot of them were like fireworks: exciting and beautiful, yet short-lived.
Then I went to college, had boyfriends, experienced love and romance, and got married. I came to realize soon after that romance wasn’t the main thing that sustain my marriage. It is the love that my husband has for me, and mine for him. We exchanged romance and spice for sacrifice and hard work. Yeap, sorry to burst your bubbles, but marriage is hard work.
Yes I have witnessed a lot of marriage that failed, but I have also witnessed many that lasted a lifetime.¬†After years of ¬†searching, I finally understood that the love that we all yearn for is something real and attainable when two people work together for the best of the relationship. In TV and through media, we all get a glimpse of what a lot of people do when romance fades and communication fails: they move on, separately, in opposite directions. When the romance is not felt, it is always self-love that comes first. No compromising, no humility, and no sacrifice of self need and want to make the other person happy. That’s no true love! That’s counterfeit love.
After witnessing so many marriage that survived much hardship and a ton of normal non-spiced days, I came to an understanding that real love and real marriage requires a lot of faith in the Lord, loyalty to your spouse, putting your spouse’s happiness above your own and be truly happy to see them happy. Don’t get turned off by the phrase that “marriage requires work” because after all the hard work, marriage is wonderful. It is home of your heart, a safe harbor from storm, and a responsibility that brings out the best in you.
I have never been so wordy in my photography blog before. I hope you still like me
and because a long post without a picture is not-so-fun, here’s one of my favorite pictures of a fabulous shoot I will be posting soon.

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