Hi! I am Ee Wen, also known as Sharon. I am the photographer behind Enchanted Window Photography.

Welcome to my photo blog, where you can find all of my most recent works, sneak peeks, snippets of my life, and everything I do relating to photography.

Inspired by vintage glam and bright-colored boldness, I aim to create the perfect combination of modern-vintage photography.

Thank you for visiting :)

The Lamberts

Chris’ and JiEun’s little baby arrived a few weeks earlier than expected. I am so glad we did the photoshoot the day we did or we would have totally missed the opportunity to document her beautiful big belly! Despite being almost full term, JiEun still looked really tiny as a pregnant woman. She also had the pregnancy glow everyone was talking about!She was so full of excitement and giggled a lot. As for Chris, despite his calm demeanor, I could see sparkles of anticipation in his eyes. I am so happy that they joined the “parents club” because we have one more thing in common now!













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