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Bohemian-styled Bride | Utah Bridal Photography

It’s Friday again! But instead of my normal Aloha Friday post, I have something better for you I love bohemian styled fashion because of the long flowy dresses, headbands, colorful earrings. I have always wanted to see brides in bohemian styled wedding dresses so I dreamed up this styled shoot. It was a short photo shoot because it was raining and we were losing day light. But I loved every single picture that came out of the shoot. Karen was such a gorgeous model and to me she looked effortlessly boho and elegant. My BFF Vicky, Karen’s sister, was there to help out with the shoot and we got her to get in a few shots as well. Such cute sisters!

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Bohemian Beauty | Utah Country Portrait Photography

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Last weekend I had a photoshoot planned but the weather was terrible (we had a storm and it literally rained on my parade!). I almost had to cancelled and rescheduled the shoot, but I decided to press forward and get it done. I am happy I did it because even though it was overcast and raining on and off during the shoot, we managed to get some gorgeous pictures! Here are two sneak peeks. More on the way Share it, Tweet it, Pin it.

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Classic Beauty Bridal Photography | St.George, Utah Wedding Photography

I have known Chantelle for about 4 years now. As a teenager, she was always so busy with school, sports, church, and doing fun stuff with her friends. I’ve never really seen her with make up on until the day of this bridal shoot. Albeit bubbly and athletic, she emits a quiet beauty, if you get what I mean. She is the kind of girl who is beautiful even without make-up, beautiful in her innocence, beautiful in a very simply, classy way. Tom is her soul-mate. They truly complete each other. Tom’s face lit up every single time he was with Chantelle. What a great assurance that a man (as macho as he is) loves you that much! We had fun shooting in Kolob canyon in Southern Utah. This place is magical in the sun, with the red rocks from the Zion’s canyon all lit up in the background. Despite the stickers and pokey (for the lack of a better word. I guess you can tell by now that I am not very descriptive in words!) wheat making movements difficult, we got many stunning pictures of these two. Oh, Chantelle and Tom, what a pleasure it was to photography you…

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Got a little deep…

I remember when I was a teenager I thought that love and relationship between a boy and a girl is all about romance, spice, and drama. I naively think that relationships are sustained only through constant romantic feelings and surprises and exciting adventures. I often wondered how long the romance can last. A lot of people, including my teenage self, searched and hoped for the “love” we saw in movies. Perhaps some of them were real and solid, but a lot of them were like fireworks: exciting and beautiful, yet short-lived. Then I went to college, had boyfriends, experienced love and romance, and got married. I came to realize soon after that romance wasn’t the main thing that sustain my marriage. It is the love that my husband has for me, and mine for him. We exchanged romance and spice for sacrifice and hard work. Yeap, sorry to burst your bubbles, but marriage is hard work. Yes I have witnessed a lot of marriage that failed, but I have also witnessed many that lasted a lifetime.¬†After years of ¬†searching, I finally understood that the love that we all yearn for is something real and attainable when two people work together…

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