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Nikki’s Bridal ~ Utah Bridal Photography

I was absolutely excited to shoot this bridal with Nikki. She’s a good friend of mine and a really talented graphic designer. Nikki lives in this sweet community in St.George where there were some of cool places for photo shoot. She has the bluest (is that even a word?) eyes I had ever seen. They are especially bright and blue in the light and they look gorgeous in pictures. We wanted to get some bubbles in the pictures, but there was no wind and the bubbles just wouldn’t come out of the bubble machine! In the end we were able to get TONS of bubbles thanks to our friend/assistant, June, who came and helped blow the bubbles. By the way, Nikki will be designing a series of photo templates and Christmas greeting cards for me. So if you are interested to have your portraits or family pictures be turned into some gorgeous cards, let me know! I will be showcasing some of her designs soon. This is one of my favorites!

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A Desert Bridal/Groomal ~ June and Chris ~ Utah Wedding Photography

One of the things that I love about St.George is its beautiful desert and rocky hills. If you ask me what is so pretty about the barren and brown desert a year ago, I would not know what to say. But after living in St.George area for about a year, I began to see the charm of the desert. I love how vast and wide the deserts are, how people (especially brides in white gowns) stand out in them, how pretty wildflowers grow in them, and how sunset looks so pretty in the desert plain. I am so proud to say that I have lived and loved in a desert, and ‘shot’ in it. Definitely something to cross off of my bucket list. I wasn’t able to photograph June and Chris’ wedding but I was really excited to shoot their bridals. Our initial plan was to shoot in the desert in Vegas. But we got so exhausted from our shopping spree when we were there that we decided to do it in St.George instead. After all, Snow Canyon is one of the prettiest place in Southern Utah. This was kind of a mistake, but I love it! I love Chris’…

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Kaitlin ~ Utah Bridal Portraiture

Dear friends, you are up for some serious eye candy today. I have here a bridal shoot I did for my gorgeous friend, Kaitlin. I have two words to describe Kaitlin. Charming, and elegant. She is very, very, very beautiful and photogenic. I love this girly so much! We’re both fans of Scrubs and she has the cutest little boy ever! I also love how flowy, soft, and elegant her wedding gown was. You can also view her family shoot here and see how cute her little family is. Don’t you love the sunset in the desert? We braved cacti and stickers to get these shots! Poor girl, she had to pick out all those stickers when she got home from the shoot. Kaitlin, you’re the best! As always, I would love to hear from you, my dear readers, in my comment box

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Kristina’s Bridal ~ St.George, Utah Bridal Portraiture

Kristina’s bridals was taken at downtown St.George. It was really fun to go up and down Main Street with her in her gorgeous wedding gown. We also attracted a lot of curious looks from people. Even though it was really chilly and Kristina was freezing the whole time, we were able to get some really beautiful and elegant shots.

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