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Whitney ~ Utah Child Portraiture

This little girlie was too cute! She was constantly smiling. When I saw her at her house she had just barely woken up but she was all smile to me. Such an angel! She was really easy to photography–beautiful face, beautiful smiles, and beautiful baby dress.

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Clark Family ~ Utah Family Photography

This sure was one good-looking family. The parents were both really attractive and the boys were handsome. When we were chased away from the first location we went to without having taken a single picture, I felt like crap! But not only were Ty and her family so patient with me, they totally lifted my spirit by being so nice and cooperative. The two little brothers were so cute too, though they pretty much were opposite in many ways. Evan, the big brother, was so energetic and talkative while Isaac was curious and mellow. It was so much fun getting to know them and to take pictures of this loving family.

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The Condies ~ St.George, Utah Family Portraiture

I had a lot of fun “shooting” this family. Everyone in the family had really beautiful smiles. The interaction between them clearly spoke of love, respect, and kindness for each other. They were constantly giggling and were patient with my posing instructions. ¬†At one point they even had to lay on the ground where cow dung once had laid! But to my amazement, they did not show any signs of annoyance and complained. You guys are the best kind of clients! I love you!! Beautiful couple Beautiful Children Amanda and Jessica are so pretty and so feminine! The boys

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Carly ~ St.George Child Portraiture

This little girlie has the cutest face ever! I love how her hair is naturally curled, her eyes the brightest blue, and her sweet, sweet smile. I am very sure that when she grows up she’s going to be stunning! Look at her, she’s already a beauty at only 1 1/2 year old. I’m so glad we’re related Pettiskirts are so fun!! Lollipop makes the world go round Daddy and mommy’s little girl This is a series of pictures of Carly dancing to the ice-cream truck’s jingle. Notice the ice-cream truck on the top-left picture. Sooooo adorable!! At first Carly wasn’t so sure about the bubbles. Later, she loved it!

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