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Provo,Utah Engagement: Luisa and Travis

A couple of months ago, I did an engagement shoot with this gorgeous couple. Luisa was my student (I part timed as an ESL teacher once in a while) and I was always fond of her. It was a pleasant surprise when she emailed me and asked me to photograph her wedding. I was like, “How do you know that I am a photographer,” thinking that I never let my students know I have this other job. She replied, “You told me!” Ha! Maybe I did tell my students about this other job of mine! Luisa introduced her fiance, Travis, to me, and I liked him immediately. He was friendly, attentive, always smiling, and about as shy as Luisa. I thought they were perfect for each other and it was so clear that they were madly in love with each other. Even though both Luisa and Travis were shy, they posed so naturally in front of camera. It was really hard to pick just a few pictures to showcase here on my blog because every single picture we took that day turned out gorgeous! That doesn’t happen all the time, and when it does, it’s magic! Stay tuned for their…

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Finally blogged!

So, this is really embarrassing, it seems that I have “abandoned” my photography website (it is STILL under constructions) and blog. I haven’t posted anything here in more than a year! I did not intent to ignore my blog, but as cliche as it may sound, life happened. As in, I got pregnant and had a baby. Life just got stupendously busy and crazy after I found out I was pregnant, and that I still had a year or so left to finish my MA thesis. To be honest, photography was not in my priority list in the past year. I wasn’t very good at multi-tasking. I just could not do being a mother, going to school full time, working part time, and being a photographer all at the same time. Unfortunately, I had to set photography aside for a while. Even so, I still did a couple of shoots for some friends and clients last year. I have been meaning to blog about their sessions, but every time I sat in front of my computer to try to blog, I could not help but feel really embarrassed that my blog and my site is not all the way done…

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Orchard, Stone Castle, Spring Engagement | Provo-Orem, Utah Wedding Photography

When Chantelle and I sat down and planned for her engagement shoot, we came up with so many fun ideas. She decided she wanted some pictures at an orchard and that was the first place we went. Chantelle was really creative and she was totally opened to my ideas as well. I love working with her! Both her and Tom were really easy to shoot. I love the chemistry between these two. They were so in love and so open about their love for each other. Tom brought along his ukulele, which was the greatest idea ever! I can’t resist anything Hawaiian. He actually proposed to Chantelle with it, in the snow, and in a tux (very weird combination but flat-out romantic!!). You can see from the pictures Chantelle’s proclamation to the world. She loves Tom, not buts.I am sure the same goes for Tom. I know that they will have a wonderful life together because they are made for each other.

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