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Styled Shoot: A Romantic Dinner/Surprise Proposal | St.George, Utah Engagement Wedding Photography

About a month ago, I went back to St.George and did a photo shoot with YooJung and her husband. It was a styled photo shoot that we both thought up and made into reality. Thanks to my mother-in-law and her awesome friend, I was able to find the perfect location at the last minute, like half an hour before the shoot! Yeap, I am spontaneous like that. The place we found was in Toquerville and it had a pond with a small pier, wooden swing sets, picnic tables, fire pit, and hammock (I love love love hammock!). YooJung and I brought a lot of props for the shoot: lanterns, cherries, spaghetti, and champagne (sparkling juice, actually ). I love styled shoots because they usually make me think outside of the box and be as creative as I can be. YooJung and her husband were great models too and they were really funny too. I love their genuine smiles and laughter when they were around each other. I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures and come up with cool ideas for your sweet occasions. I love details! Got this spaghetti idea from Lady and the Tramp. They had never played…

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Got a little deep…

I remember when I was a teenager I thought that love and relationship between a boy and a girl is all about romance, spice, and drama. I naively think that relationships are sustained only through constant romantic feelings and surprises and exciting adventures. I often wondered how long the romance can last. A lot of people, including my teenage self, searched and hoped for the “love” we saw in movies. Perhaps some of them were real and solid, but a lot of them were like fireworks: exciting and beautiful, yet short-lived. Then I went to college, had boyfriends, experienced love and romance, and got married. I came to realize soon after that romance wasn’t the main thing that sustain my marriage. It is the love that my husband has for me, and mine for him. We exchanged romance and spice for sacrifice and hard work. Yeap, sorry to burst your bubbles, but marriage is hard work. Yes I have witnessed a lot of marriage that failed, but I have also witnessed many that lasted a lifetime.¬†After years of ¬†searching, I finally understood that the love that we all yearn for is something real and attainable when two people work together…

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Lacey & Levi | St.George, Utah Engagement Shoot

Two weeks ago I went back to St.George to visit my family and friends. While I was there I did a couple of photoshoots, which sneak peeks you can see in my previous post.I was so happy to be able to do a photoshoot for Lacey and Levi again. Last year while I was attending a photography workshop by Winkfotos, I met this lovely and fun couple. They were modeling for the workshop. They were so easy to photograph. I told them that they belong in magazines, and it’s so true! They were so spontaneous, adventurous, fun, and totally in love with each other. The theme of this shoot was inspired by the fun summer activities that little children do, such as flying kites, chilling under the tree, eating watermelon and ice-cream, as well as water-balloon fighting. I had a lot of fun doing this styled shoot. I think that fun little props can really enrich the photoshoot. I love love love clients who are really creative and really want to make their photo session a personal and different one. Enjoy these eye-candies! We were so lucky that it rained before the photo session so that the rainbow appeared. These…

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Sneak peeks: Two Beautiful Engagement Sessions ~ Southern Utah Engagement Photography

I am getting ready for my ultimate summer getaway. I will be back. At the mean time, please enjoy these. Don’t forget about the giveaway (as you can see from the image above this post). Enter your info and what shoot you want in the comment of ANY post. Do tell your friends about it! It’s nice to share and spread some love Happy Summer!

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