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Beach Family Portraits

While I was vacationing in Malaysia, I was able to take some family pictures for my cousin and her cute little family. Beach pictures are my absolute favorite, even though we had to drive for a couple of hours to get there. It was really fun to photograph my cousin and her family this time because the last time I photographed her, her little Quinton wasn’t even born yet. You can see her maternity post here. I love this gorgeous family!  

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Family: The Joneses

A few months ago, I had a great afternoon at Utah Lake taking pictures of this sweet little family. Gavin is absolutely adorable. He definitely inherited both of his parents’ beautiful features. I love his soft baby hair and his shy smiles. Kim and Steven are so photogenic and so easy to photograph as well! What a good looking family they are!

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The McKinney’s Family

The first time I met Anastasiya, she brought me cupcakes! How could I not like this lady? She was so sweet and friendly it was so easy to talk to her and befriend her. I am so glad that I got to know her, Josh, and their cute little Dimitri better during the photo session. Dimitri was super giggly and I just can’t get over how big and blue his gorgeous eyes are! He is the perfect blend between Josh and Anastasiya. This family is truly gorgeous.

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The Gammon Family

Lian and I are similar in many ways. We are both Malaysians, from the same city, goes to the same church, worked at the same place (though not at the same time), married Americans, and are photographers! One more thing that we have in common is that our husbands served in the same mission for our church and were companions for a while during the mission. Wow. Uncanny, right? The funny thing is, we’ve never really known each other while we were in Malaysia. My sister and her were good friends, but the first time I ever talked to her was after she moved here to the States. We became instant friends. The more I get to know her, the more I discover that we have so many more similarities. She’s sort of like my lost twins (her friend even mistook me for her!). Lian has taken many pictures for me during my pregnancy and after my baby was born. She did really great job with those shoots. Now it’s my turn to return her favor. I was so excited to photograph her family, especially her new little baby girl. It was so heart-warming to see both Lian’s and Clifford’s…

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