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The Churches

When I was about 8 months pregnant, I got a message on Facebook from Becky. She was hoping that I could photograph her family before her eldest son leaves for his mission for the LDS church. Of course I said yes! I’ve always loved the Chruches and I love that they are my returning clients. Also, it was a special family photo shoot for them because they won’t be seeing Braden for 2 years until he returns.

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This is us | The Whitings

Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 was a year of learning and growth and I am sure 2012 is not going to disappoint either. New and exciting things are going to happen over here at Enchanted Window Photography (EWP). I am sure you have noticed the new logo and watermark, designed by my talented graphic designer friend, Nikki. I am so excited to show you guys the new look of the blog and the website created by me, Nikki, and my ever-so-faithful husband (who is coincidentally a web guy). Hopefully you’ll love it too. Today I bring you the Whiting family, of which I am a part of. My mother-in-law and I had the same bright idea of getting some pictures done for our whole family. The past couple of years we took some informal ones in front of the tall Christmas tree in her living room. Those were great, but we wanted something more. This is one of the reasons I love outdoor photography. There’s so much room to work in. Don’t you just love what the nature has to offer: the fields, grass, forest, desert, mountains? Enjoy the pictures taken by me with the help of my new tripod. I…

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Scott Family and a Santa’s helper

Hello friends! How was your Christmas? Did Santa come and bring you what you have asked for? Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? My Christmas was great! It was nice to spend it with the people I love, in a warm house, with lots of laughter. I am coming down with a cold I think (I am never sure what’s cold and what’s flu). My wisdom tooth is coming in too so my right cheek is a little swollen from the inflammation. I hope the pain would leave me before New Year comes cause I don’t want to start a new year with a sore tooth. Anyways, I hope your Christmas was fun-filled and sickness-free. A couple of days before Christmas, I did a family photo shoot with the Scott family. The last time I saw YooJung and Shad was about a year or so ago when we did this shoot. From then on, we’ve been keeping in touch on my personal facebook page and became good friends. When YooJung approached me a couple of months before Christmas and asked me to do a shoot for her family, I was really excited. I was happy because I got to see…

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The Churches | Family is Forever

This post was meant for the week after Thanksgiving, but three project write-ups and a few final exams got in the way, resulting in me working on Christmas Eve, posting this wonderful Christmas family shoot. I am not complaining though. I have been wanting to show off this shoot for a long time now! When I first met Becky (the mom), I could not believe that she already had 5 children, and her oldest was 17! She also has the cutest kids. I was a nursery and primary Sunday school teacher for her youngest daughter one year and I adored that little girl so much it made me so sad when we moved away. Watching them laughing with and at each other makes me want to have a big family too. The Churches are so photogenic and all of the pictures turned out so great it was hard for me to choose which ones to post up here. I know that it is no longer Thanksgiving. But it’s never too late to show appreciation, right? I am thankful for awesome clients like the Churches and thankful to be able to create images that can bring smiles to people’s faces. Meet…

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