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The Lamberts

Chris’ and JiEun’s little baby arrived a few weeks earlier than expected. I am so glad we did the photoshoot the day we did or we would have totally missed the opportunity to document her beautiful big belly! Despite being almost full term, JiEun still looked really tiny as a pregnant woman. She also had the pregnancy glow everyone was talking about!She was so full of excitement and giggled a lot. As for Chris, despite his calm demeanor, I could see sparkles of anticipation in his eyes. I am so happy that they joined the “parents club” because we have one more thing in common now!                        

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The Williams

Julie and I were good friends from college. We actually never had any classes together, and if it weren’t for our job at the Polynesian Culture Center (PCC), we wouldn’t even have known each other, except for maybe walking past each other in the hallway of our freshman dorm. We became really good friends while we were cleaning bathrooms and the theater at the PCC. While we were mopping the floors and scrubbing toilets, We would talk about our ex-es, crushes, our plans for the future, and how we should be on one of the souvenir magnets and bookmarks they were selling at the gift shops at PCC. Our friendship survived graduation, and moving away from Hawaii (me back to Malaysia and her to Florida). Six years after our graduation, we reunited in Hawaii (this time on the Big Island), married, and with our own little babies. We had a lot of fun spending a few days with the Williams. They took us to all the cool places that I never thought I’d even know about if it weren’t for them. It was fun to see our babies play together and our husbands became friends. I liked getting to know…

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Baby rolled over!

My son turned 6 months about two weeks ago. For the longest time I have wanted to take some pictures of him in action, especially of him rolling over. When he first rolled over I missed it because I was in bed and my husband was watching and playing with him in the living room. We were in Vegas for our little weekend getaway last week and I noticed he loved to roll around on the soft, king bed in the hotel room. He would rub his face against the sheet over and over, and he’d roll from his stomach to his back (which he never does at home!) and from his back to his stomach over and over again. It was so fun watching him enjoying himself. I took advantage of this opportunity and snapped a few pictures of him while he rolled from his back to his stomach. I actually had my husband put him on his back (which he dislikes) and he’d immediately roll over. It took me about three times to get these photos. The lighting was not great because the hotel room windows were tinted and all the lights in the room were orange. But…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I have been MIA, life and school have been pretty busy and intense for the past month. But I am back with more to share While the whole world is working today, we in the USA are enjoying the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day. Today I am especially thankful for God for all that I am blessed with. He has blessed me with everything that I have and more. I am thankful for my loving husband, my family and great friends. I am also VERY grateful for all the people (strangers who come visit my blog, clients, and potential clients) who believe in me and my photography. Thank you thank you thank you! To sweeten your Thanksgiving Day, here are a couple of teasers of The Church family session I did yesterday. It’s not too late, you can still book your Christmas family session with me!

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