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Chantelle & Tom | St.George, UT Wedding Photography

~Through the breezes through trees move so pretty you’re all I see As the world keeps spinning ’round You hold me right here, right now~ Lucky~ Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat This wedding will be posted next week here on the blog. Check back soon for the beautiful wedding.

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Classic Beauty Bridal Photography | St.George, Utah Wedding Photography

I have known Chantelle for about 4 years now. As a teenager, she was always so busy with school, sports, church, and doing fun stuff with her friends. I’ve never really seen her with make up on until the day of this bridal shoot. Albeit bubbly and athletic, she emits a quiet beauty, if you get what I mean. She is the kind of girl who is beautiful even without make-up, beautiful in her innocence, beautiful in a very simply, classy way. Tom is her soul-mate. They truly complete each other. Tom’s face lit up every single time he was with Chantelle. What a great assurance that a man (as macho as he is) loves you that much! We had fun shooting in Kolob canyon in Southern Utah. This place is magical in the sun, with the red rocks from the Zion’s canyon all lit up in the background. Despite the stickers and pokey (for the lack of a better word. I guess you can tell by now that I am not very descriptive in words!) wheat making movements difficult, we got many stunning pictures of these two. Oh, Chantelle and Tom, what a pleasure it was to photography you…

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Orchard, Stone Castle, Spring Engagement | Provo-Orem, Utah Wedding Photography

When Chantelle and I sat down and planned for her engagement shoot, we came up with so many fun ideas. She decided she wanted some pictures at an orchard and that was the first place we went. Chantelle was really creative and she was totally opened to my ideas as well. I love working with her! Both her and Tom were really easy to shoot. I love the chemistry between these two. They were so in love and so open about their love for each other. Tom brought along his ukulele, which was the greatest idea ever! I can’t resist anything Hawaiian. He actually proposed to Chantelle with it, in the snow, and in a tux (very weird combination but flat-out romantic!!). You can see from the pictures Chantelle’s proclamation to the world. She loves Tom, not buts.I am sure the same goes for Tom. I know that they will have a wonderful life together because they are made for each other.

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