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Angie and Clark got hitched

One of the sweetest weddings I have ever attended was my mother-in-law’s. She married her beau at the St. George LDS temple surrounded by all of her loved ones. It was really sweet because her grandmother, mother, siblings, children, and grandchild were all there to celebrate her big day with her. The most important and awesome thing is she is married to her sweetheart for time and all eternity. I was so happy that she has found her perfect match and that he turned out to be such a wonderful and sweet person. Their love for each other is evident in the way they look and smile at each other, the way she kisses him, and the gentle way he talks to her. Angie and Clark, I hope you find the joy and happiness that you search for in each other. Cheers!

The Gammon Family

Lian and I are similar in many ways. We are both Malaysians, from the same city, goes to the same church, worked at the same place (though not at the same time), married Americans, and are photographers! One more thing that we have in common is that our husbands served in the same mission for our church and were companions for a while during the mission. Wow. Uncanny, right?

The funny thing is, we’ve never really known each other while we were in Malaysia. My sister and her were good friends, but the first time I ever talked to her was after she moved here to the States. We became instant friends. The more I get to know her, the more I discover that we have so many more similarities. She’s sort of like my lost twins (her friend even mistook me for her!).

Lian has taken many pictures for me during my pregnancy and after my baby was born. She did really great job with those shoots. Now it’s my turn to return her favor. I was so excited to photograph her family, especially her new little baby girl. It was so heart-warming to see both Lian’s and Clifford’s faces light up when little Ciel woke up from her nap. Their love for her is evident during the shoot and in the pictures.

Thanks for the great opportunity, the Gammons!

A Ballerina and Blossoms

When I was 6, my mom enrolled me in an after school ballet class. Because my mom had signed me up for the class later in the semester, all of my mates were already pretty advanced in ballet. I dreaded going to the class not only because I had to wear a different outfit (black leotard and red ballet shoes) than everyone else (blush leotard, white tights, and blush ballet shoes), but I also hated being the only one who had to do more basic stretches on the barre all by myself while all of my friends were rehearsing for a dance. Before I got a chance to perform, my ballet teacher got married and quit teaching ballet. So that was the end of my ballet career.

Even so, I’ve always hold a special place in my heart for ballet. I go to ballet recitals to watch people do what I deem the humanly impossible and I collect images of ballerinas on Pinterest. For me ballet is the epitome of grace, elegance, and poise. These are all the qualities I hope I possess.

When I asked a friend of mine if she’d know anyone who would be interested in doing a ballet photo shoot, she told me about Karin. It was so fun to work with Karin because she was such a easy-going and skilled ballerina. Her postures were graceful, which was what I wanted to evoke in my pictures. I am so happy with all of the pictures and I hope you like them too!

Baby rolled over!

My son turned 6 months about two weeks ago. For the longest time I have wanted to take some pictures of him in action, especially of him rolling over. When he first rolled over I missed it because I was in bed and my husband was watching and playing with him in the living room. We were in Vegas for our little weekend getaway last week and I noticed he loved to roll around on the soft, king bed in the hotel room. He would rub his face against the sheet over and over, and he’d roll from his stomach to his back (which he never does at home!) and from his back to his stomach over and over again. It was so fun watching him enjoying himself.

I took advantage of this opportunity and snapped a few pictures of him while he rolled from his back to his stomach. I actually had my husband put him on his back (which he dislikes) and he’d immediately roll over. It took me about three times to get these photos. The lighting was not great because the hotel room windows were tinted and all the lights in the room were orange. But I am pretty satisfy with this series of pictures. My baby was the reason I first got into photography and I am glad that I get to capture some of the milestone moments of his life.

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